Time to learn the Chilling Truth!

    These are Documentaries that expose the Truth about a New World Order. Most people don't know but Satan is working behind the scenes to stop people from hearing the Gospel and to form his World Government where he can rule the world. For those who think it is crazy to believe this, I question whether you are really a christian since the bible proclaims that there will be a world government some day and if your a true Christian you should believe the bible. If you are a Christian and have never seen the evidence of the New World Order then Watch these documentaries and see for yourself!
    You may say that these are not documentaries, they are Conspiracy Theory's but what you may not know is Hitler used the term Conspiracy Theory to discredit people who were against the Holocaust. Instead of calling people names and saying "oh that is just a conspiracy theory" look at the evidence that they have you might be surprised on just about how much evidence that groups like 911 truth really have that the media likes to say that they don't have any evidence. So check out the list of Documentaries below.

Paul Wittenberger Documentaries

Steven L. Anderson Documentaries