Part 3: Exodus (21-36)

This is the third sermon in a series that looks at every commandment in the Mosaic law. This series is sparked from the fact that Jewish scholars such as Maimonides have counted 613 commandments in the Torah. Pastor Anderson decided to see if this is true, today he goes over 16 more commandments in Exodus. His Criteria was Commandments that can be applied unto everyone and not just unique to one person.

Commandments in Exodus (21-36)
21) Let none of the Passover remain until morning
22) Eat the Passover Quickly
23) Feast of the Passover should be kept through all generations
24) Eat unleavened bread for Seven days
25) Anyone who ate Leavened Bread is to be cut off from Israel
26) First and seven day should be a holy convocation
27) No Work should be done during the seven days
28) No Leavened is to be in your House during the Seven days
29) Once in the house they must stay inside until morning
30) Tell the Story of the Passover to Children
31) No Stranger Shall eat of the Passover
32) Servant that is Bought with money if Circumcised shall eat the Passover
33) Do not Eat the Passover house to house eat in one house
34) The bones of the Lamb should not be broken
35) No Uncircumcised Shall Eat the Passover
36) One Law or Justice for the Strangers and Citizens (same Laws)


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