This Site is about expressing my world view. I believe that my world view is right and want others to know the truth. This world is full of pain, suffering, and heartache. At the same time in other parts of the world there is prosperity and wealth  beyond belief. There is something very wrong with the system. Unfortunately, instead of the prosperous part of the world helping and building up the rest of the world, they are actually destroying them and keeping them in poverty. At the same time the prosperous part of the world seems to be declining while the mega rich continue to get richer. What is going on? How can we stop this from happening? The problem is we live in a sinful world and our elite leaders are being deceived by Satan into obtaining ultimate power under a one world Governmental system. This sites mission is about exposing the truth with the blinding light of God with the Gospel and the freedom message in order to halt Satans plans so that more people can be saved.