Part 9: Exodus (90-97)

This is the third sermon in a series that looks at every commandment in the Mosaic law. This series is sparked from the fact that Jewish scholars such as Maimonides have counted 613 commandments in the Torah. Pastor Anderson decided to see if this is true, today he goes over 8 more commandments in Exodus. His Criteria was Commandments that can be applied unto everyone and not just unique to one person.

Commandments in Exodus (90-97)
90) If a man commits Fornication with a virgin girl he must endow her to be his wife
91) If the Father of the girl refuses to let him marry then he must pay the dowry of virgins
92) A witch (Demonic Communicator) shall be put to death
93) Whosoever lie with a beast shall surely be put to death
94) Whosoever shall sacrifice unto other Gods other than the real God Shall be destroyed
95) Do not oppress a foreigner, for ye were strangers in Egypt
96) Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child
97) When you lend money do not Charge ANY interest


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