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Kent Hovind is a well known creation scientist evangelist. He has gone around the country presenting seminars at churches and has held many debates in a lot of state colleges and public schools about creation vs evolution. Some people think it is science vs creation but Kent hovind explains how science actually doesn't not support the evolutionary theory and actually supports creation a lot more. Ultimately though, it comes down to creation vs evolution beliefs. Kent Hovind breaks down how evolution is a religion just as much as creation is but the difference is the tax papers pay to have the evolutionary religion in the public schools. The list below is all seven of the Kent Hovind creation seminars!! What are you waiting for, watch and see the evidence for yourself! 

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Seminars by Dr. Kent Hovind

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Creation Seminar 1: The Age of the Earth Published on Nov 2, 2013


Creation Seminar 2: The Garden of Eden Published on Nov 6, 2013


Creation Seminar 3: Dinosaurs and the Bible Published on Nov 6, 2013


Creation Seminar 4: Lies in the Textbooks Published on Nov 6, 2013


Creation Seminar 5: The Dangers of Evolution Published on Nov 6, 2013


Creation Seminar 6: The Hovind Theory Published on Nov 6, 2013


Creation Seminar 7: Questions & Answers Published on Nov 6, 2013