Part 8: Exodus (76-89)

This is the third sermon in a series that looks at every commandment in the Mosaic law. This series is sparked from the fact that Jewish scholars such as Maimonides have counted 613 commandments in the Torah. Pastor Anderson decided to see if this is true, today he goes over 14 more commandments in Exodus. His Criteria was Commandments that can be applied unto everyone and not just unique to one person.

76) From Commandment 75: as Judges determine the owner can pay a ransom for his life
77) If a servant is harmed by an Ox the owner must pay the master of the servants thirty shekels of silver and the Ox shall be killed
78) If a man dig a hole and not cover it and someones beast falls in then man shall pay the owner for their loss and they can keep the dead beast
79) If one mans Ox Kill another mans Ox then they shall sell the live Ox and divide the money and the meat from the dead Ox evenly
80) If the Ox is known to be vicious and its owner does not keep him locked up and it get out and kill someone else's Ox then the owner shall pay Ox for Ox and he will keep the dead Ox
81) If a man Steal an Ox or Sheep and kill or sell it then he shall pay back five Ox or Four Sheep to the owner
82) If a thief breaks in at night and is shot a killed then the Owner shall not be put to death (Self defense)
83) If a thief breaks in during the day and owner kills him then he is a murderer and shall be put to death, instead they must catch them and make them pay back what they stole or sell them into servitude
84) If a man Steal an Ox or Sheep and it is still alive then he shall pay back two Ox or Sheep
85) If a man let his Animals eat in some else's crop then the man shall give of the best of his own field to make restitution
86) If a man cause fire to burn down someones property then they are Liable to pay back the damage
87) If a man steal and is not caught then the owner of the stolen goods can go to the Judges to determine who did it and whomever is found guilty shall pay double unto his neighbor
88) If a man borrow an animal from someone and it dies then he shall pay for the Loss, except it be tore or a wild beast then it was not the borrowers fault
89) If the owner was there when it died then the borrower is not at Fault


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