Part 6: Exodus (54-65)

This is the third sermon in a series that looks at every commandment in the Mosaic law. This series is sparked from the fact that Jewish scholars such as Maimonides have counted 613 commandments in the Torah. Pastor Anderson decided to see if this is true, today he goes over 12 more commandments in Exodus. His Criteria was Commandments that can be applied unto everyone and not just unique to one person.

Commandments in Exodus (54-65)
54) You can only have a servant for 6 years
55) If he is Married before he becomes a servant his wife can go free with him, if he gets married while he is a servant then when his service is up then the wife and kids must stay or buy her out of servitude
56) If the servant likes serving they can Gauge ear to symbolize to serve owner forever
57) And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the menservants do.
58) If the man does not like his servant he betrothed let her go free
59) If the man betrothed her unto his son then treat her as a daughter
60) If a man take another wife he should provide and have physical relationship with both
61) If he does not do 60 then she shall go free
62) If a man kill someone in the moment of rage then he can flee
63) If someone hits their Parents then they shall be put to death
64) Kidnappers shall be put to death
65) Kids that Curse (Wishing Evil upon someone) their Parents shall be put to death


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