Secrets (Volume 246)

Texe Marrs examines facts the controlled media dare not disclose: (1) Which alternate press are best?; (2) Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, is outed as the person who spied on Trump and his team for a year. President Trump is proven correct—he was “wire-tapped” and surveilled by Obama. Susan Rice is a liar who needs to be investigated and prosecuted for this crime, but President Obama received this information and must be prosecuted as well. (3) Donna Brazile, Hillary’s Campaign Chairperson, a lesbian, admits she lied. Brazile now says she did, while working at CNN, give Hillary the debate questions. But, she adds, Russia made her do it; (4) Gaddafi, the Libyan leader killed by Moslem terrorists employed by the U.S.A., had stored 143 tons of gold. Who got this massive hoard of gold? (5) President Obama is staying low while his former subordinates (Susan Rice, et al) are being investigated. He’s off in Tahiti and Thailand; (6) FBI’s Comey and NSA’s Rogers shamelessly lied about the Obama White House spying on Trump. They both should resign and be prosecuted for perjury. (7) Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) says America’s problem is not race but Multiculturalism. Since Muslims do not wish to assimilate, America must reject them as immigrants. He’s right!; (8) Jesus is just a man in heaven, says writer to Texe. Wrong! The Bible tells is that Jesus is the invisible God; (9) Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg, Israel’s most popular rabbi, confirms Texe Marrs’ findings in Holy Serpent of the Jews. Yes, says Ginsburg, the Jewish Messiah is the “holy snake.”
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