Secrets (Volume 245)

Texe Marrs examines things the controlled mass media dare not touch: (1) Moonlight, a gloomy movie about a young black transgender homosexual and his drug-addled mother, wins the Academy Award as Best Picture; (2) Actor Leonardo Dicaprio, promoter of Climate Change, pays his eyebrow artist to travel 7,500 miles to Los Angeles to do his eyebrows for the Oscars; (3) Town Meetings—Communist organizations and people paid by George Soros plot to disrupt Town Meetings of Congressional Republicans; (4) At one Congressional Town Meeting, the leftist crowd grew angry and began chanting for their god, “Lucifer,” when a Pastor opened the meeting with a prayer to Jesus; (5) Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters showed their stupidity in statements about Trump and Russia; (6) Liberal Democrats contrived to demonstrate their profane language, vulgar behavior, and hatred of Christianity; (7) Bruce Jenner claims to be a woman but has all-male genitalia. He/she is a transgender whacko; (8) Transgender boys compete in and win girls sporting events in school competition; (9) President Trump revokes former President Obama’s executive order requiring males be allowed to shower with girls and go to girls bathrooms; (10) Chris Cuomo, liberal broadcaster, says there is nothing wrong with little girls seeing adult men’s genitalia in showers, dressing rooms, and public bathrooms. (11) Environmentalist demonstrators leave tons of trash behind at Dakota Pipeline; (12) EPA tells landowners they must forever pay taxes on their land but can never use it because the land may have endangered species on it; (13) Coils Masonic Encyclopedia says God’s name is lost but reveals the Sacred Word of God is “Abaddon” (Destroyer).
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