This section of the site is dedicated to fighting the fight for freedom and liberty. As a christian I believe that our Government has no business dealing with anything other than delivering justice. The reason we have an overarching Government today is because they are doing things that God does not want them to do. Romans 13 clearly teaches the Government is to be a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. The Government has no business being involved in the economy, education, monetary system, healthcare, food and Drug regulations, etc. The Government only has one job according to the bible and it is to keep society holy and keep crime in check. Unfortunately, today because Government is doing everything but what it is suppose to do it is failing at its one job. Think about it, if Government was not involved in those things I just mentioned then big lobbyist and corperations could not buy off the government to control those very industries. To the right there is links to subpages that go over this topic in more detail.

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