Love the Lord God with All thy Heart, Mind and Soul!

Preached Sunday Morning July 23, 2017 at Faithful Word Baptist Church
Original title: "Didn't Our Heart Burn Within Us" on sanderson1611
This sermon goes over that feeling we get when we read the bible, sing a spiritual song or hear a powerful sermon. That feeling of the power and presents of the Lord within us is amazing but we know that a more sure proof of our lord is the Word of God. Some people take 'feelings' as the proof but feelings can be deceiving so we must be careful to not trust on those feelings as our proof of salvation but rather on the word of God. Though some people can also go to much the other way and basically say it is bad to have feelings at all but that is not true. God wants us to feel his presents and feel great love toward him. After all, we are to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and soul.


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