The Dangerous Doctrine of Dispensationalism Part 1

Preached Sunday Morning Nov 13, 2016 at Verity Baptist Church
This sermon exposes the crazy doctrine of Dispensationalism and why this doctrine is so dangerous. Basically, this doctrine teaches that God has different ways of dealing with sin and man throughout the bible. For example one thing it teaches is that old testament saints were saved by works and not be grace!
Dangerous Teachings of Dispesationalism:
1) Teach that in previous dispensations people were saved by keeping the Law!
2) We can sin all we want because we are under Grace!
3) Teaches that Jesus Came first to be offered only to the Jews and only after they rejected Jesus then it went to the Gentiles.
4) The Jews messed up so the "church" is only temporary until the Rapture and then the Jews will apparently be saved. Christians don't replace Israel.
5) Some Scripture does not apply to us today!


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